No, it’s not the worst movie in Korean history. It’s a failed attempt to lớn bring something new to the phối conventions of Korean noir.You watching: Phim real của kim so hyun



The opening credits should’ve tipped off the audience that what’s in store is an acid tripREAL, from first-time director Lee Sa Rang starring Kim Soo Hyun, is a 2017 South Korean noir film attempting khổng lồ emulate mind-boggling films lượt thích Memento, Inception, & Fight Club. But its convoluted plot & obvious twists bog down any effort to make the audiences’ mind blown. It bombed in the box office instead & gave birth to a lot of memes.

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I came into this movie, expecting it to lớn be really bad. The review were so harsh it brought the lead actor khổng lồ tears. But it’s actually a worthwhile watch. And since it seems many disliked the film because they didn’t understand it, I was inspired khổng lồ write this.

For those not updated with Korean entertainment, this film has also attracted more hate because of the funding it received from Alibaba in 2015. Kim Soo Hyun’s popularity in china soared lớn great heights after a Korean drama mega hit. But due to the geopolitical tensions which escalated with THAAD in 2016, trung quốc targeted South Korea’s source of soft power: export of their pop culture. This affected a lot of industries especially tourism. So the historically rooted negativity towards trung quốc intensified khổng lồ anything even remotely connected to china for South Koreans.

It’s honestly not surprising why a matinee idol like Kim Soo Hyun wanted this film to lớn be the “representative work of his late twenties”. Because this had the potential lớn make a mark in a saturated genre. It tried to lớn bring something new lớn the phối conventions of noir films South Korea tends lớn make. You know, those gritty films involving crime & gangs with the lead either seeking revenge or torn between betrayal và loyalty while featuring extreme violence and other disturbing scenes. But it pushed a tad much for many people. Ultimately, it failed because it lacked finesse in how it used nonlinear storytelling like in the films it was trying khổng lồ emulate.

So let me explain the plot for anyone who wants to understand the movie. Everything will be spoiled, so be warned.See more: vì chưng Sao Lã Thanh Huyền sinh năm Bao Nhiêu, Chiều Cao, cân Nặng, tiểu Sử?


THE movie uses dream sequences so we see the characters hallucinate events or experience flashbacks. To lớn make sense of it, we’ll have to lớn arrange the events chronologically. Let’s start with the backstory:

There is a drug trade rivalry between the Chinese and Russian mafias. Mang đến sells cocaine while Prof. Kim, the mafia enforcer, sells a synthetic drug called siesta. The latter is highly addictive which leads eventually lớn the user’s death. Detective Noh is after the drug ring for their connection to multiple disappearances. He was working with a freelance journalist, Jang Tae Young, lớn expose the story.

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For his research on the new drug, Jang Tae Young began using siesta while documenting its effects. He also went undercover và joined the Russian mafia, which was how he got his neck tattoo. It is not clear how he met his girlfriend (before working on the story or after) but she was also a siesta addict. She eventually hit the point where the drug kills the user. Jang faced a difficult decision as she was slowly bleeding to lớn death. To over her suffering, he killed her & this trauma caused his mind khổng lồ break. He overdosed on drugs & tried khổng lồ kill himself.

It’s unclear who caused it but Jang got into a car accident with the millionaire (this character’s name was never revealed). Both survived but the millionaire is in a vegetative state. And the next time we see Jang in his hospital bed after the accident, it was already his alternate personality that controls the body.

The Doctor


Before we continue, we have khổng lồ reveal Doctor Choi's true identity which was one of the plot twists in the movie. He is Boris, the head of the Russian mafia, và creator of siesta. This drug is something he administers to lớn his patients in the hospital. Depending on its use, it can either "save" the patient or eventually kill them. It fascinated the doctor that Jang và the millionaire were able to overcome the deadly effects of the addiction lớn siesta by disassociating. Though, how they did it was different.

Jang has dissociative identity disorder so he created a persona (I will refer khổng lồ as gangster Jang for clarity) who is strong, no-nonsense, hates and doesn’t bởi vì drugs. That’s why chewing gums is one of gangster Jang’s personality quirks. But then again, gum is a quit tool for smoking, not drugs. The millionaire has depersonalization disorder so he detached from reality and became an observer khổng lồ his body’s vegetative state. Or as Doctor Choi put it, he was “existing in a shell, like a ghost”.See more: tháng 3 Năm 937, Dương Đình Nghệ Đã Bị Ai liền kề Hại? ? tháng 3 Năm 937, Dương Đình Nghệ Đã Bị Ai gần kề Hại

The doctor was also the only other user of the drug that overcame the point where death occurs. It’s not clear if it induced any disorder in him since his character was a typical psychopath in sheep’s clothing. He was Hannibal Lecter-esque in manipulating both Jang’s và the millionaire’s mental issues for his own amusement. How much of the events in the film has he orchestrated and how much were coincidence, was also not very clear.